I want to break out of my work funk once and for all.  I now understand the heavy price I’m paying to continue doing what I’m doing. I understand how harmful it can be to my health, to my relationships and to my finances.

I’m ready to discover what I was born to be and then to be it! I understand you’ll teach me how to do that in The Missing Step. I’ll learn each of the five steps that will take me from where I’m at to where I want to be.

Once I sign up, I can take the DNA Torque Personality Profile online (which only takes about 10 minutes). You’ll then e-mail me the results. But then you’re also going to send me “Your DNA Revealed”, a two session audio where you personally teach me about my DNA blend and how I can make the most of it in the workplace.

I’m excited about the incredible payoff I can get mentally, emotionally and financially when I plug into my “WHITE HOT”, by learning the career or business where I not only naturally shine but also enjoy so much. I don’t want to procrastinate my moving towards discovering and pursuing this dream career any longer.

Troy, I know by seizing the opportunity today, I will get The Missing Step at a 20% discount, so I pay only $159.95 plus shipping and handling (and sales tax if I live in California).

You stand behind your product so I can feel secure that if I’m not satisfied for any reason I can let you know within 90 days of my purchase and send it back to you. You’ll promptly refund the cost I paid for the program–$159.95. No one has ever returned this product, so I doubt I will.

I understand you only want to sell this product to those who are sincerely desiring to make changes in their life for the better. I assure you I’m committed to embarking on a path that will lead me to discovering and doing what I absolutely love. I know I can count on your continued guidance all along the way and will answer any questions I have. I just need to e-mail them to you.

I’m ready to get started so here’s my information: