How many students and their parents invest over $100,000 for a college education only to discover not only that they picked the wrong career but also that there is no job waiting for them? Did you know that 85% of college graduates are moving back with their parents—a jump of over 25% from just a few years ago? The colleges have career centers with excellent resources to help them find their niche, yet so few students are getting clear on what their optimal career is and how to make it a reality.

We’ve developed a process and some tools that change the model for helping people discover and pursue their optimal career. It’s user friendly technology with 3 components: 1) The DNA Torque Student Profile–a personality profile that goes beyond matching people to lists of careers that possibly match their skills; this profile instead identifies what is your individual blend of drives, needs and aptitudes that can create unique value recognized and rewarded by employers and enterprises in the marketplace; 2) The Missing Step–a five step process that can take anyone from wherever they’re at to discovering, pursuing and succeeding in a career they absolutely love; and 3) U3 Power Groups–a tool that not only acts as a GPS by keeping them on track towards getting to and advancing in their optimal career, but also develops the very skills that employers are clamoring for most. You can hear me discuss these and the payoffs they bring by clicking here:

This three component system—The Missing Step3– has been successfully tested and implemented with entrepreneurs and workers in the marketplace but hasn’t yet been tested where it is needed most—in colleges with those selecting their career for the first time.

That’s about to change in  2011. We’re looking for only 36 exceptional college students from at least 3 states to participate in a beta test of this groundbreaking program. They will reap all of the benefits of this program without paying us a dime. What we ask for instead is their whole hearted participation, feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Let’s be clear. Because the students we select will play such a pivotal role in the nationwide rollout of this program, most students aren’t the right fit. So we’re selecting only students who satisfy these requirements:

  1. They must  know how to make and keep commitments;
  2. They must have the discipline and desire to receive and apply the principles they will be taught;
  3.  They must be dependable and consistent in doing their part each week; and
  4. They must be givers–to focus not only on their own success but just as importantly on the success of the other two students in their U3 Power Group.

You may likely be thinking how big a time demand this will be. Not big at all—2-3 hours a week for 10 weeks and students can choose when to schedule them to avoid conflicts. The selected students can continue the learning and growing after the ten week program is over if they want. But it won’t be required. They can also access and be coached by the creator of the cutting edge technology—Troy L. Tate—even after the 10 week period ends.

What are the payoffs for this investment? The return on investment of their time, energy and brilliance on this beta test launch of The Missing Step3 will likely be priceless. But let’s break it down:

First, they’ll get crystal clear on what is their optimal career—one that is purposeful and rewarding psychologically and financially.

Second, they’ll develop and refine each and every week the very traits and skills that will set them apart from other college graduates competing for the same positions. A recent report from a PhD from Michigan State listed 33 qualities, skills and traits that employers are looking for most based on his extensive research. The U3 Power Groups will help them to develop and refine up to 21 of these 33 qualities, skills and traits.  This benefit alone will help them to stand strongly apart from other graduates when competing for positions with key employers. It will also help them to be better entrepreneurs if they choose to start up their own businesses.

Third, they’ll get the ongoing support they need from peers who are committed to their success.

Fourth, they’ll get regular feedback and guidance not only from two exceptional peers but also from a top expert in the field of human performance. With this team behind them, these students can make and achieve goals faster and overcome more easily the challenges they confront.

Finally, they‘ll be filled with enthusiasm and confidence that naturally comes when they plug into their true passion—the niche where they naturally excel doing what feels most purposeful to them.

Are you interested? Do you qualify? If not, do you know someone who does?

Click here to fill out the application online: . It only takes a few minutes to complete.   .

Take advantage of this one-shot opportunity! You owe it to yourself and to those who are investing so much in your college education.