The Missing Step

Confused? Stuck? Burnt out? Unsure about your job, career or retirement? You are at a crossroads and the best way forward requires your having complete and clear directions.

Up until now, the “simple” and “proven” formulas offered to free you from the “9 to 5 grind” or the purposelessness of “retirement” leave out the most critical ingredient. They offer pain relief in the guise of more money and freedom, but you are the essential ingredient that these formulas ignore. You are The Missing Step.

Finally, there is a program that can take you from where you are to where most people never get to: doing something you enjoy so much, and that’s so purposeful, that work seems like play.

If you’re ready to create the future of your dreams based on who you are rather than following yet another generic “proven” formula promising wealth and success, then this program is for you. We stand behind The Missing Step to make sure you’re not just satisfied, but enthused about what the program helps you to achieve.


All Digital Version – $107

The DNA Of Successful Leaders

Among the stacks and stacks of books out there on leadership, what makes The DNA of Successful Leaders stand apart from the rest in helping you succeed as a leader? The answer is simple. The book teaches you more about . . . you. It is built on one core and guiding principle: You were born to lead and influence others for the better. In other words, strong leadership is part of your genetic makeup—your DNA. But your leadership will only be effective and enduring if it is authentic—your being true to who you are.

You’ll discover not only all of your natural strengths but also your “blind spots”—the things you do and say that, outside your awareness, decrease or even destroy the trust others have in your competence or character or both. You’ll then be taught how to maximize your strengths while eliminating the blind spots. You’ll find out what your true needs are, some of which you might have ignored or minimized to this point. You’ll get fresh new insights about yourself from perspectives you’ve never considered. In fact, your reading The DNA of Successful Leaders will be punctuated repeatedly with “aha” moments about your or someone else’s behavior that previously left you scratching your head in confusion or disbelief.

You’ll also learn what’s driving the actions and words of all types of personalities and how to speak to them in their “language.” Armed with these insights and tools, you’ll begin to communicate with them in a way that not only connects with who they really are but also sparks in them a trust and desire to follow your leadership. The DNA of Successful Leaders will improve dramatically your odds of getting what you want to benefit yourself and others.


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